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Rocky Mountain Game Calls

Rocky Mountain Game Calls - Ultimate Bugling System

Rocky Mountain Game Calls - Ultimate Bugling System

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Designed to be the ultimate bugling system for virtually anyone, the Rocky Mountain® Wapiti Whacker™ Ultimate Bugling System features the Sure Fire™ Bugle Adapter, Black Magic™ mouth diaphragm, and the Wapiti Whacker bugle tube with a V.E.T.T™ system. This versatile bugler allows you to call using the Sure Fire adapter, or the Black Magic diaphragm to fit your preference. The enlarged inner hole creates deep, raspy, base sounding chuckles, growls and grunts, along with a deep chamber to create realistic elk calls. Plus, an integrated rubber boot virtually eliminates any plastic vibration sounds for added clarity and realism. Imported.
Manufacturer model #: 146.

  • Includes Sure Fire Bugle adapter
  • Includes Black Magic mouth diaphragm
  • Includes Wapiti Whacker Bugle tube featuring the V.E.T.T. system
  • Allows the user the option of calling with the Sure Fire adapter or the Black Magic diaphragm
  • Includes camo cover and lanyard
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