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Ballista - BAT Reverse Draw Crossbow with L-Stock

Ballista - BAT Reverse Draw Crossbow with L-Stock

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For those who value precision and power in their shooting gear, the BALLISTA BAT Reverse Draw Compound Self-Cocking Mini Crossbow with L-Stock is a top choice. This mini crossbow, designed with an ergonomic L-stock, not only offers speeds of up to 420fps but also boasts a lightweight design of just 3.9lbs. Whether you’re out in the field or practicing at the range, this mini crossbow with L-stock ensures you have the perfect balance of speed, power, and comfort in every shot.

Fastest 420fps self-cocking pistol crossbow, 150lbs power, 3.9lbs. World’s lightest, 320 FPS, low friction, unique design.

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