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Bend-Able EXO K4 Bugle Tube V2/Water Bottle Holder

Bend-Able EXO K4 Bugle Tube V2/Water Bottle Holder

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Adjustable tension system
Fits most Bat style tubes on the market (see below for exceptions)
Bugle Tube insert from the Top
Attaches to Backpack with locking clips
Made In the U.S.A

* This Model only fits the EXO K4 Backpack. EX) K4 Bugle Tube V2/ Water Bottle Holder (Adjustable) is the easy way to carry your Bugle Tube or Water Bottle. The V2 has an adjustable tension system and you can install your Bugle Tube from the top. This K4 model only installs on the right hand side of your K4 backpack.  Water bottle installs from the top and is secured by webbing with a locking clip. The V2 holds 24, 32, 40 ounce bottles.  The single clip attached to the back of the holder that will attach to your Backpack hip belt Molle system on your backpack.

Here are the Models the V2 Bugle Tube Holder will not fit:
Born & Raised (The Bomb)
Phelps Small tube (un-Rival-ed)
Rocky Mountain (Little Big Mouth)
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