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Hunter Specialties

Hunter Specialties - No Bull Grunt/Growl

Hunter Specialties - No Bull Grunt/Growl

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The NoBull’s rigid frame with the correct blend of soft rubber creates realistic, throaty grunts, pops, and growls. Designed to process large amounts of air, this call can be blown loudly or softly for whatever the situation dictates. Coupled with the attachable snort wheeze perfectly baffled to cut the cold morning air – this combo covers all the bases of hunting rutted up mature bucks.

  • Delivers deep, throaty grunts – ideal for getting the attention of mature bucks
  • Ability to process a high volume of air produces an extremely aggressive buck growl/roar
  • Removable, high-pitched snort wheeze adds an additional “challenge” vocalization
  • Soft-touch rubber design offers dependable grip and functionality
  • SKU HS-100144
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