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Hunter Specialties

Hunter Specialties - True Talker OG Combo

Hunter Specialties - True Talker OG Combo

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The True Talker OG features the original materials and design of the first True Talker ever produced. A soft rubber exterior for unbeatable grip and rubber sleeve over the bellow/grunt tube allows for the manipulation of volume, tone and direction of the call sound.

Like True Talkers of the past, the OG produces mature buck grunt, young buck grunt, doe bleat and fawn bleat sounds. As an additional feature however, the new True Talker OG features an improved reed design which not only is extremely resistant to freezing up, but produces a fifth sound – an aggressive “growl” sound for gaining the attention of aggressive mature bucks.

Paired with the Ruttin’ Buck Rattle Bag which features tuned internal hardwood rods to mimick the sound of battling bucks, this is a deadly combo for hunting the stage of the rut where bucks are aggressive and on the move.

True Talker OG Deer Call:

  • Aggressive Buck “Growl”
  • Five Common Deer Vocalizations
  • Finger Tip Control
  • Includes Lanyard

Ruttin’ Buck Rattle Bag:

  • Tuned hardwood rods mimick battling bucks
  • Durable bag with grip
  • Silencer Strap
  • Includes Lanyard
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