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Summit - Dual Threat Pro SD

Summit - Dual Threat Pro SD

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  • The ultimate customizable climbing treestand for hunting all season long
  • New Dual Threat™ adjustable front bar allows for the best shot possible when using a bow or rifle
  • Dual Threat front bar configurations:
    • Positioned straight down for sit/stand climbing method
    • Positioned down and under the seat for bow hunting
    • Positioned up as a gun rest when rifle hunting
    • Removed completely for hand climbing method and open front bow hunting
  • Comes with new Dual Position Seat, allowing for higher and lower seating options
  • Has a higher maximum weight limit of 350 pounds
  • Features innovative FasTrack® rail on the sides of the seat frame for use with compatible accessories (sold separately)
  • Aesthetic features on foot platform channels break up straight lines to provide additional camouflage
  • Covered by Summit's 5-year limited warranty

Dual Threat™ PRO SD — the ultimate companion for both bow hunters and rifle hunters throughout deer season! Unleash the power of versatility with our groundbreaking, adjustable Dual Threat front bar. This innovative feature allows you to tailor the climber to perfection based on your preferred hunting method:

  • Sit/stand climbing mode: The bar goes straight down for this technique, ensuring seamless maneuverability as you navigate your way up and down the tree.
  • Bow hunting mode: Move the bar all the way down and under the seat to achieve the optimal open front bow hunting position.
  • Rifle hunting mode: For rifle hunting enthusiasts, elevate your accuracy by moving the bar up once you get into hunting position, transforming it into a reliable and steady gun rest.
  • Hand climbing mode: Going for a more lightweight setup with an open front? No worries – the bar is completely removable for your convenience.

Easily adapt the Dual Threat bar to your hunting style and enhance your performance like never before – all with one treestand! The Dual Threat PRO SD is all about custom comfort; with its new Dual Position Seat, you have full control over your sitting height, ensuring an optimal vantage point for spotting game and taking that perfect shot. Fine-tune the seat using its additional slide bar buckles: opt for a lower position with a rifle and go for a higher position when using a bow.

And it doesn't end there – the Dual Threat PRO SD is equipped with our popular, cutting-edge FasTrack® accessory system! Maximize efficiency by attaching the compatible Ultimate Hook, Bow Holder, Rifle Holder, and Phone Holder, keeping your gear close at hand. These accessories easily slide and lock into the FasTrack rail integrated on both sides of the seat frame. Other industry-leading features include the Quick Draw® cable retention system, Dead Metal® Sound-Deadening (SD) technology, SummitLokt® structural enhancement, and RapidClimb® Stirrups. Learn more about these below.

Finally, this new climber gives hunters another camo option! The seat and armpads come in the popular Mossy Oak® Original Bottomland® pattern.

  • Stand type: Aluminum climber with adjustable front bar
  • Weight:
    • Sit/stand mode: 22 lbs.
    • Hand climber mode: 20 lbs.
  • Maximum weight limit: 350 lbs.
  • Foot platform channels: Five (5)
  • Platform frame size: 20" W x 36" D
  • Seat frame size: 24" W x 37.5" D
  • Seat dimensions:
    • Bottom: 12" W x 18" L x 2.5" D
    • Back: 12" W x 20" H x 2" D
  • Seat type: Dual Position foam-padded suspended seat with backrest, adjustable height
  • Tree diameter range: 8"-20"
  • Attachment method: Cable
  • Includes Full-Body Fall Arrest Harness System (FBFAHS) and all necessary hardware
  • Includes two (2) coated steel climbing cables, RapidClimb® Stirrups with heel bungee, utility strap, adjustable backpack straps, umbilical cord, and endcaps
  • Camo pattern: Mossy Oak® Original Bottomland®
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